How to Backup a WordPress Site: Using Updraft plus

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No matter the size of your WordPress website, finding a way to keep it safe from issues such as updates gone wrong, hacking, user error and crashes should be of the utmost importance. If you’ve not set-up regular backups of your site yet, now’s the time to get it done, and it couldn’t be easier with the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin, UpdraftPlus.

Woo-commerce wholesale store: your step by step guide

Would you like to run a WooCommerce wholesale store where you offer different prices to wholesale and retail customers? This article sets out exactly how to create a wholesale store using the WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Bundle.

How To Improve Your WordPress Plugin’s Readme.txt

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If you’re a plugin developer and you just love to write code, then writing a readme.txt file for a plugin in WordPress’ repository might be your idea of hell. When you’ve written all of that lovely code, why must you spend time writing about how to use it?